Welcome to the Events page of The Big Iftar. This page contains information on all of our upcoming events, including the dates, times, and locations of each event. We invite you to join us for an iftar and experience the spirit of Ramadan with your friends and neighbors.

Date of Iftar: 28 March 2023

Al-Khoei Foundation London

The Al-Khoei Foundation is an international charitable voluntary organisation, founded in 1989 to look after the welfare and cater for the needs of Muslim communities, around the globe. With its head office based in London, there are branches around the world. The main aim is the full and part time education and social welfare of all communities.

Chevening Rd, London NW6 6TN

020 7372 4049

134 Salusbury Rd, London NW6 6PF, UK

Date of Iftar: 28 March 2023

The Rickett quadrangle, Middlesex University

Not only a beautiful and central area of Middlesex University's Hendon campus in the UK, but also a hub of community cohesion. It serves as a common meeting ground for students from diverse backgrounds to come together, socialise, and engage in various activities. This creates a sense of unity and belonging among students, which ultimately strengthens the community within the university.

The Burroughs, London NW4 4BF, UK

The Grand Iftar: 9 April 2023

Madani Iftar

As your aspiring future leaders, we would like to invite you to our spectacular event, The Grand Iftar.

Join us for an evening of inspiration and reflection, as we hear about the greatest leader of all times, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the lessons we can draw from his leadership.

Myrdle St, London E1 1HL, UK

Date of Iftar: 2 April 2023

Unitas Community Iftar

All are welcome to join a public

Community Iftar on Sunday 2nd April 2023!

Unitas invites people from all backgrounds, faith groups and none to come together during the holy month of Ramadan to break - bread and learn more about each other and learn more about our community.

An iftar is the sunset meal which breaks the Ramadan fast each day. It is traditionally eaten with a large family or group gathering.

76 Montrose Ave, Edgware HA8 0DT, UK

Date of Iftar: 31 March 2023

Holy Family Church Hall

What is a better way to celebrate our togetherness than through food, art and music? " We intend to incorporate as much entertainment as possible, such as art displays, live music, and Kahoot quizzes

Church Hall, Sorrento Rd, Sutton SM1 1QU, UK

Date of Iftar: Ramadhan 2023

Southgate Mosque

As-salamu alaykum dear brothers and sisters,

The holy month of Ramadan is nearly upon us, and Southgate Mosque invites you and your family to join us for iftar.


To join us for iftar please make sure you:

- Register through this Eventbrite page for you and your family members

- You can register for yourself and/or your family for multiple days at once

Important Note: For catering purposes please register for iftar 48 hours before your attendance

Southgate House, High St, Arnos Grove, London N14 6BN, UK

Date of Iftar: 13 April 2023

Grand Union Community Hub

Everybody is welcome to our Community Iftar Celebration at Grand Union Community Hub. Bring a dish and break fast with your neighbours! With wishes for a peaceful Ramadan

Beresford Ave, Wembley, UK

Date of Iftar: 01 April 2023

Hyderi Community Centre

Hyderi Islamic Centre was itself founded in 1983 after community members and elders saw the need for a centre to meet the needs of the local population. Until this date, the community members across London would travel to Hammersmith for socioreligious functions. Founding members included Gulamali Dewji, the first elected President of Hyderi, Sultan Datoo, Late Noorali Bharwani, Gulamali Janmohamed Asharia, Late Hassanali Suleman and late Noormohamed Walji.

6 Pioneer Pl, Croydon CR0 9AW, UK

The Holy Month

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion, but it is also a powerful catalyst for unity and community building. The act of fasting during Ramadan creates a sense of solidarity, promotingRamadan is a time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion, but it is also a powerful catalyst for unity and community building. The act of fasting during Ramadan creates a sense of solidarity, promoting empathy, compassion, and understanding among people of all faiths and backgrounds.